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The Energy Education Council is committed to the education and empowerment of energy consumers, with the goal of enhancing lives by promoting the efficient and safe use of energy. We value collaboration, relationships, and partner input in the continuing effort to create broad safety and efficiency knowledge.

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halloween Be safe when decorating for Halloween. Check for fraying cords, and keep electric cords out of high traffic areas.

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harvest Harvest is a busy time of year, and it is important to look up and look out for overhead power lines. Keep yourself and equipment at least 10 feet away from power lines in all directions, at all times. Get more information.
flood When flooding occurs, you never know the depth of the water, how it affected the ground beneath it, or how fast the current is moving. Don't take any chances. Never drive into flooded waters. Get more information.
Efficiency October is Energy Action Month. Save energy and money by stopping energy vampires. Appliances and electronics in your home may use energy even when off. To save, unplug these items when not in use. Get more information.

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